Toxin Tractor

Vanilla GLA

Toxin tractor


Anti Infantry, Garrison Removal

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Anthrax Beta

Anthrax Beta

Upgrade gla junk repair

Junk Repair

Shower, anyone?

- Toxin Tractor

The Toxin Tractor was the GLA's answer to the spreading hordes of Chinese and US infantry divisions. Specially constructed to eliminate hordes of infantry, the Toxin Tractor is armed with a sprayer, capable of delivering Anthrax at a surprising rate, with the ability to destroy most armed forces, unless they are given sufficient protection.


The Toxin Tractor is a simple design really, nothing more than a civilian tractor, armed with pipes and deadly barrels of Anthrax mixed with corrosive chemicals. However, as a result the armour on it is severely low, and cannot be sent into direct combat alone, or without sufficient upgrades. However, it's destruction is a two edged sword as when it is destroyed, you may lose a unit but its destruction spreads small quantities of Anthrax lingering around the destruction site for a short while


The Toxin Tractor's primary use is to deter large numbers of infantry and to remove them from installations. The deadly nature of the Anthrax means that they can clear out buildings with relative ease. They can be a good standing point early game, however their attack power against buildings is next to none, and must be massed in huge hordes before they can even attempt to destroy a building, ironic given that the corrosive chemicals in the Anthrax mix is deadly to tank armor.

Toxin Tractors can also be told to contaminate an area with toxins, which can be effective, say, outside an enemy barracks. However as soon as the contamination process starts the units cannot retreat until it has stopped contaminating, and the starting effects of the contamination is weak until true force is built up.


Toxin Tractors are not seen as much in multiplayer, except maybe against Infantry General. Toxin Tractors can be expensive to produce, and there are better tools for eliminating infantry. However, when massed up in hordes they can destroy a lot, but as they are slow to produce it could be a while before you get enough units standing. In the current metagame it is difficult to utilise them as they require the Palace and Blackmarket to achieve there full potential, which means they must wait until late game where nearly all GLA units are far superior and a better choice. However they are one of the best tools for destroying infantry.