SCUD Storm

SCUD Storm in action.

The SCUD Storm is the basic GLA superweapon. It differs from general to other, according to the general that uses it, excepting General Mohmar "Deathstrike" who uses a Soyuz Missile.

The SCUD Storm is composed of nine rockets, armed with explosive or anthrax warheads, depending on general:

Vanilla GLA: SCUD Storm armed with Explosive-Anthrax warheads;

Dr. Thrax (Toxic General): SCUD Storm armed with Anthrax warheads;

Juhziz (Demolition General): SCUD Storm armed with High-Explosive warheads;

Prince Kassad (Stealth General): Like Vanilla GLA, but can use Stealth to hide the superweapon.

All of them require 5 minutes cooldown.