The Particle Uplink Cannon is the USA's primary Super Weapon on the battlefield, capable of incinerating enemy tank columns in an instant. Used by Vanilla USA , Air Force General and USA super weapons general (though her beam is pink the rest the rest are blue), it specializes in quick, precise strikes.

Particle Cannon:

Particle Cannon Cameo
Armour Type: Concrete
Usage: Base/Unit Destruction

Cost: $5000 ( $2500 with Super Weapons general)

Energy: 10


The Particle Cannon is the least destructive Super Weapon, but can be controlled even after firing it, as you can redirect the particle beam to destroy more than one unit. Its spread area is relatively small, but by using the aforementioned ability it is possible to destroy a lot of units. It also makes up for a lack of toxins or radiation by its burn effect, as when it is moved, it leaves behind fire that can damage infantry or tanks. This effect lasts only for a few seconds, but can be used to incinerate the enemy.

This weapon is probably best used when you are about to go up against a large amount of enemy units, as this can even crush ten Overlords if used properly. Also, if the enemy are about to attack you, it can eliminate the chance of losses. Therefore it is less likely to be used as a base defense destruction like most super weapons because of its lack of large spread, but can be used against enemy units easily.

Multiplayer UsageEdit

As like most super weapons, Particle Cannons are rarely used in competitive online 1 on 1s due to many players staying on the attacking side, not going for the turtling option, meaning if built they will probably be destroyed before activation so a large amount of money would be wasted. However in team matches such as 2 on 2s and 3 on 3s they are more likely, as one player will take the "turtle" option while the others harass the opponents. Most matches are played with the super weapon limit to prevent mass construction of the super weapons, further limiting their usage. However they can still be used to irritate the opponent by obliterating their forces before they have a chance to mass.