B.) General Rodall Juhziz -AKA Demo-

General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz, is a GLA general expert in use of explosives, suicide charges and demolitions.


Born in the Middle East, his father was a businessman and chief of a TNT fabrication outfit used in the construction industry for demolition. The first of seven brothers, who rather than follow in the family business, saw the unlimited potential of the explosives. His near lifelong experience with Nitroglycerin enabled him to rapidly produce bombs and other I.E.D.'s (Improvised Explosive Device) and used his underground network to sell explosives to the initial groups while founding the GLA.

He quickly rose through the GLA ranks; and General Juhziz would go on to execute some of the most daring and spectacular terrorist actions in the 21st century, including the bombing of the US embassy in Cairo and the sinking of the USS Nelsen in 2012.

To Western outsiders Juhziz (who lost the use of one of his hands in a bomb-making accident) may have been sinister and shadowy, but his charisma and daring attracted a great many followers among the downtrodden peoples of the world, willing to sacrifice themselves for the GLA cause. Commanding the GLA Scorpion cell, 'Demo' Juhziz became a much-feared and very threatening opponent for the GLA's enemies.

General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz is one of the opponents in Generals 'Challenge Mode'.


- BRDM-1 makes perfect defence unit because of it's long range, high damage and for some reason ignorance by most enemies. 

- Palace can be a good defence as well if garrisoned by 5 RPG troopers and a Jarmen Kell. It doesn't work well against medium and hard Chinese enemies since they use cannons instead of missiles.


(This section is still in need of more units and descriptions, would be nice if you can contribute) General Juhziz has units which can deal more explosive damage to tanks like the Mantis or to Infantry like the Camel.

  • Demolition Rebel: Can put demolition charges on buildings
  • Demolition RPG Trooper: Can fire HE rockets
  • Demolition Terrorist: Packs more punch
  • Demolition Angry Mob: Can be upgraded to be equipped with Dynamite and RPG-7s
  • Demolition Saboteur: Can plant Demo Charges
  • Demolition Jarmen Kell: Can plant Demo Charges
  • Worker: Explodes when crushed
  • Mantis:
  • Combat Cycle: Comes with a Terrorist instead of a Rebel.
  • Bomb Truck: Can be upgraded with a Nuclear Bomb
  • ZSU-57:
  • Battlebus: Can hold up to 6 Infantry Units and can Deploy Small Demo Traps
  • Camel: Clear enemy buildings of infantry
  • Marauder tank: Has an MLRS on its back
  • Topol-M: Shoots HE rockets at a very long range 
  • BRDM-1: Shoots rockets at very long range 
  • Rocket Buggy: 10% cheaper than Buggies of other factions


(Please note that these are structures that are special to the general)

  • Advanced Demo Trap (cheaper to build and more powerful than standard Demo Trap)
  • Rocket Tunnel Network (has rockets instead of a gun)
  • Scud Storm (Smaller in size and equiped with HE Rockets)