In Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour there were originally intended to be twelve generals, but they were removed for whatever reason, but now SWR has reconstructed them the best they can around there original frame. They have removed the "boss general" General Leang and changed her to a normal general. SWR have announced repeatedly that they won't add more factions, not because they don't want to, but it is impossible for the game engine due to the source code.


  • General Malcolm Granger, Airforce General: Specialises in advanced air units and tactics
  • General Towns, Laser General: Uses high power lasers to destroy his enemys
  • General Alexis Alexander, Superweapon General: Utilizes high defences and devastating superweapons
  • General Ironside, Armour General: Prefers to roll over his enemy's with heavily defended vehicles



  • Dr.Thrax, Toxin General: Eliminates infantry with ease with poisonous chemicals
  • General Rodall Juhziz, Demolition General: Uses destructive bombs to shatter his opponents
  • Prince Kassad, Stealth General: Hides in the shadows till the time is right
  • General Mohmar 'Deathstrike': Takes the leftovers from enemy tanks to strengthen his forces.